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In februari 2020 reizen we met een nieuwe groep naar Marrakech en Essaouira.

We are currently organizing another journey for February 2020.
Contact us at info@linkacademy.nl for additional information in English.

[NL] Waarom is een culinaire reis naar Marokko van belang? Los van het gegeven dat het hartstikke leuk is om te koken, is het in deze drukke en spanningsvolle tijden van hoog belang om mensen op een ontspannen wijze bij elkaar te brengen. Dit doe ik graag via activerend en intercultureel dialoog. Een dergelijk dialoog manifesteert zich op verschillende wijzen; waaronder gezamenlijk koken.

Met een diverse groep vreedzaam in gesprek gaan over onze menselijke overeenkomsten en verschillen is volgens LINK ACADEMY een van de mooiste dingen in het leven. Humor. Lokale verhalen delen over mythes, legendes en persoonlijke gebeurtenissen. Zorg dragen voor elkaar en oprecht plezier hebben. Tijdens een van onze Marokko reizen maakten we het onderstaand fotoverslag.

[EN] Many people have posed the question what the value of a culinary trip to Morocco is. Besides the fact that cooking is very pleasurable, it seems it is a necessity to enjoyably bring people together in these anxious and sometimes stressful societies. Through this journey we aim to do so through initializing active intercultural dialogue through communal cooking. According to LINK ACADEMY it is of high importance to keep communicating about our commonalities, differences and personal processes. We underline humor, the sharing of myths, fairytales and other happenings that are of importance to us. This is a report about one of our culinary tours ‘Work Your Senses’ through Morocco [Read underneath].




We are at the heart where Moroccan fairytales come to life: Marrakesh! On Wednesday we started our culinary journey that will wander our senses from Marrakech to Essaouira. Ten days of tajines, sweets, seaside couscous dinners, zalij art and much more! Stay



DAY 1 : Today we have received our guests to enjoy the ten-day culinary journey through Marrakech and Essaouira. A unique travel that we will frequently update you about. The day started by picking our participants up from Airport Marrakech Menara with a welcoming goody bag, Moroccan tea and sweets. Check in at our amazing ryad ‘les deux portes’. Some resting on the agenda. Explore magical Djemaa El Fna square by night.

DAY 2 : Today we had our first cooking workshop in collaboration with Souk Cuisine in Marrakech! Tajines, sardines, Moroccan salads, fresh bread and cookies!
Fresh groceries from the souk. Bakery, zaytounies and fish market, cook, and Bonne Appetit!







DAY 3 & 4 : Yesterday and today we gave the local sightseeing a taste. A visit to Jardin Majorelle a must see for everybody that visits Marrakech. A visit to the #spice market. Medrassa Ben Youssef a treat for the eye if you like zelij and Marrakech Museum for the art lovers.

DAY 5 : Today we’ve travelled from magical Marrakech to artistic ESSAOUIRA. The city is known for its beautiful harbor, fresh fish, music and special art works. Tomorrow we will start our cooking workshops again. From couscous to pastries and much more. We are looking forward to it!

DAY 6 : MAMA DJELI!! Today we had an amazing workshop that took off with buying fresh ingredients from the local souk (market). For today’s menu it was:
– Briwat (stuffed filo pastry) with vegetables and/or minced meat
– 7 vegetables Couscous with chicken or vegetarian.

Moroccan dishes take quite some time to prepare but are always such a treat to consume! After a couple of hours we had the opportunity to have our extensive late lunch at ‘Essaouira Maroc Cuisines’ rooftop terrace while looking over the sunny Atlantic Ocean. BESAHA OU RAHA






DAY 7 & 8 :
Sweet Moroccan pastries are known to be a good mood lifter because of their almonds, sugar and therapeutic way of preparing it. We also taught the group how to prepare Moroccan mint tea, a must that goes hand in hand with the lovely pastry. BESAHA ou RAHA

DAY 9 : For our final cooking workshop we prepared the magnificent Moroccan ‘Bastilla’. A crunchy filo pastry filled with sweet almonds, chicken and a meat free version for the vegetarians amongst us. In order to complete our view on the Moroccan cuisine we’ve also baked fresh wheat bread. After the dough had risen well enough we brought it to the local bakery and voila! Fresh warm bread as an appetizer and lovely crunchy Bastilla as a main dish. We finished our final workshop by consuming it looking over a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Bon Appetite!







DAY 10
: today most of our participants took off to the airport and return home. Some however decided to remain in Morocco to enjoy their extended stay.